Martha's Vineyard Theological Seminary

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Martha's Vineyard Seminary is recognized as a religious institution of higher learning and is therefore exempt from both state and federal oversight. MVTS has applied for, and received a "Letter of Exemption" under Section 1005.06 (1)(f), FS./Rule 6E-5.001 from the Florida Department of Education, Commission on Independent Education, where the Seminary is located.

MVTS is therefore authorized to grant Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

Accreditation is a purely voluntary process that takes several years to complete. Since MVTS is a relatively new institution, we make no promises, representations, nor guarantees of employment or acceptability of transfer to any public or private institution. Our degrees are intended to prepare men and women for ministry.

However, MVTS is committed to quality, high standard education that is affordable and accessible to all. Our long term goal is to apply for and receive accreditation from an agency that is approved by the U.S. Department of Education. In the mean time, we operate under our religious exempt status.

Finally, our Seminary is named after the magical Island of Martha's Vineyard in honor of the wonderful retreats, vacations and happy times enjoyed by our Founder and his family over the last twenty years. If you are exploring where God wants you to prepare yourself for His service, please consider MVTS.

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